Jesse (the Pussy) Ventura

Bubbling up to the news level now is the lawsuit that Gov. Jesse Ventura is pressing against fellow Navy Seal Chris Kyle.

9/11 Truther, Jesse Ventura

All over a scenario in Kyle’s book that has Kyle punching Ventura in some public place and knocking Ventura to the floor. Kyle said it was in retaliation for Ventura badmouthing the war, Bush, and America.Jesse Ventura Ventura says it didn’t happen.

The fact that Chris Kyle is now dead, shot by another veteran suffering from PTSD that he was trying to help, at a shooting range in Texas, and still wants to pursue this ridiculous suit against Kyle’s estate, his wife, makes ‘The Body’ a big baby. No doubt Ventura can take a punch. He had a career in professional wrestling. That he can’t take some words in a book, and wants to take it out on Kyle’s widow? A big “Pussy” comes to mind.