Your Comment ‘Feature’

There have been times with this blog software when comment features have been turned off. Not by myself, but some quirk in the software that the WP people don’t seem to acknowledge. I just went back to check the comment settings again, only to find that the stink’in box that says ‘commenters must be signed in to comment’ was checked. That means that no one can comment since you are not signed in.

That is not the way I intend to run The Lunch Counter. THIS IS.

But it does explain why there hasn’t been a comment entered in quite awhile. That checkbox is now unchecked. Again.

The comment feature is supposed to be set so you can comment on your first visit without having to go through any sort of registration BS.

Sorry for any inconvenience this ‘feature’ may have caused you. If you find that the problem has resurfaced, I’d appreciate your letting me know using the email form on the ABOUT page.

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