Herman Cain Explains ‘No Muslim’ Comment

Potential candidate for president Herman Cain was asked one of those ‘gotcha’ questions by some reporter. Something like, would you put a Muslim in your cabinet?

Knowing that the Koran, or Quran, promotes deception (lying) for the purpose of advancing Islam, Mr. Cain is more correct than he might know in not putting blind faith in any Muslim.  Because of the Koran, it comes down to trust but verify doesn’t it?

Islam is the only religion that I know of that not only permits but requires deception under certain circumstances. We are engaged in a war right now against radical Islam. Given his explanation above, American Muslims that understand this will also understand why he answered the way he did.

What’s new is that Herman Cain is not going to be distracted by political correctness. Talk about a breath of fresh air.

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6 thoughts on “Herman Cain Explains ‘No Muslim’ Comment”

  1. I like Hermain Cain a lot but I think he has had some very poor answers. I think this answer was one of them. You should not simply say you wouldn’t appoint any Muslim. The fact that he said Muslims are trying to advance sharia law here is just foolish. There is certainly a sect of muslims that support sharia law but I believe that there are also many that do not support such evil laws. He should have made sure to make a distinction between those who believe in evil and those who don’t. Also in the debate the other night they said he called his opponent for the Senate seat in Georgia pro-choice because he supported abortion in the case of rape and incest. Personally I have no idea how you support such a view point. I am pro-life but I think there should be options for those who have been raped. In all honesty I understand his view point on a strictly moral level but I don’t feel you can tell others who have been raped they must conceive that child. I was hoping he would be the guy that could turn this country around but after hearing some of these volatile answers im not sure he is electable.

  2. Well thank you again Nick for your off-topic contribution. This post has nothing whatsoever to do with U.S. debt or how much of it is owned by China. After looking into it, and depending on which year you want to look at, and how much of what kind of the U.S. debt you want to consider, the percentages vary widely. From between 20 and 30 percent. That he came up with 26% is not as important to me as is the fact that China has now surpassed Japan as our single largest holder of public debt. Whatever that percentage is, is too much.

    And for you to make a big deal (to the point of calling Cain a liar) about the percent number on this and other websites just tells me that your mission is to poo poo Herman Cain wherever you can. But here, I’ll insist that you stay on topic, and try real hard to resist from name calling.

  3. I posted it PRIOR to your response on another of your GOPer moronic web sites already – SO I have to post it again since you are too stupid to look it up!

    Lie #1 Herman Cain says China holds 26 percent of U.S. debt

    we don’t begin to grow with the potential that we have in this country, we will have another national security crisis, and that national security crisis is that China will be as big as we are,” Cain said. “They’ll start to develop a military as big and as good as ours and they’ve got a billion more people and they’re holding 26 percent of our debt. And you think we’re going to be able to sing Kumbaya with them?”

  4. Nick, your post is outside the realm of acceptable. It’s not that you called Herman Cain an idiot and a liar, it’s because you gave no justification for why he is an idiot and a liar.

    Rather than delete your message, I’ll leave it there. It does serve as a good lesson in web etiquette.

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