Is Boehner, Congress, In Violation Of Probation?

House Speaker John Boehner is facing a showdown, and it’s not between himself and President Obama. Contrary to his bold statements of a few short weeks ago regarding turning this government around from its debt and spending binge, Speaker Boehner is turning out to be one of those establishment Republicans, apparently ready to ignore the people who put him where he is today, and the reason he is there.

He seems to want to forgive and forget Speaker Pelosi’s House that changed the rules, locked out Republicans, and used every trick in the book to force Obamacare down America’s collective throat. Speaker Pelosi wasn’t lying when she said we would have to pass the bill first in order to see what’s in it. Which is just what that Democrat-controlled House and Senate did. Which makes sense to who?

Of all people, Speaker Boehner shouldn’t need to be reminded why we are even discussing CR’s today. But apparently he does. It’s because the Democrat-controlled congress failed to make a budget last summer, on purpose. They knew their sneaky maneuvers would have been exposed had they done so.

Representatives Spence and Bachman, and now Senator Rubio are exactly right to put on the brakes and right that wrong.

“I think we have to have a fight. I think this is the moment,” Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) told POLITICO prior to the vote. “Things don’t change around here until they have to, and Republicans ought to draw a line in the sand.”

Sen. Rubio says . . .

‘What is this continuing resolution crap? I didn’t come in here to fund the government every two to three weeks, and $6 billion here and $6 billion there. What the hell is going on here?’”

Of course, they are right. Republicans, and Democrats are still on probation from November’s general election. For Speaker Boehner, this is no time to go wobbly. In the psyche of the American people, you are in violation of probation.