It’s Not A Story About Wisconsin

Often the truth comes out when you think no one  else is listening. Take the Ring of Fire radio show for example. Last week host Mike Papantonio, still high on Koch (rhymes with coke), in a discussion with co-host Sam Seder about the Wisconsin Governor and government labor unions, Papantonio confirmed the symbiosis between Democrat leaders and Big Labor and exactly what the controversy for them is all about.

Contrary to what they say in public, Progressives could care less about ‘the workers,’ or taxpayers for that matter.  ‘The workers’ are the tools for their political and ideological agenda.

Making no distinction between private  and government unions, nor any legal or constitutional justification as to why, Sam Seder asserts ‘Unions do need government support.’

Papantonio’s response . . .

It’s not a story about just Wisconsin. It’s a story, look, here’s the chain.

You take away collective bargaining. Once you take away collective bargaining, the union then, because they have no power, they’re not able to raise money. They’re not able to collect dues. If they’re not able to collect dues, if they don’t collect dues they can’t hire lobbys, they can’t do advertising. They can’t answer the Koch brothers on the television and the newspaper.

Once you have that, you then have people just saying ‘Well just what does the union do? If they don’t do me any good why should I pay anything?’ Even though, if they really really analyze what the union does for them with collective bargaining, it’s huge.

So, when that happens, what’s next thing that happens, the money for progressive ideas dries up. I mean the market of progressive ideas disappears. Because it is drowned out by the FOX News entity.