Obama On GM, More Words, Just Words

Harken back sixteen months ago when President Obama said this, ‘What I have no interest in doing is running GM,’ concerning the GM bailout and government ownership of 60% of the company.

Enter a little no spin zone with this little ditty from Reuters . . .

The Obama administration and GM executives say the White House has stayed good to its pledge to refrain from meddling in the day-to-day management of this 102-year-old industrial enterprise . . .

OK, that is if you don’t count the administration putting their own people on the Board of Directors, closing product lines, closing dealerships, and telling them what kind of car to make.

Now with an impending IPO of the new and improved BM (Barack Motors), or for the record, GM, we find that it is still the administration calling the shots.

Don’t you know the M.O. by now? We’re supposed to pay attention to what Obama says instead of what he does. He is counting on the dumb masses never finding out that he is an empty suit filled with Karl Marx stuffing.

Link: Special Report: For GM IPO, the government is back-seat driver | Reuters.

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