Words, Just Words

The arrogance and bias of the mainstream Obama-media is getting even more in your face.  Try this headline for example, ‘Analysis: GOP using buzz words to taunt Dems.’

Steeped in denial over the reason for the Tea Parties around the country, the media is showing us the same denial when ‘analyzing’ Obama’s accomplishments and plans for the country. The attempt to discredit legitimate concerns by reducing opposition to ‘buzz words’ is the media circling the wagons around the president.

Republicans are lining up behind a pointed political attack line: President Barack Obama is nationalizing American industry and socializing medicine.

Tax and Spenders are buzzwords. That Obama is nationalizing American industries and socializing medicine are not. And its not just Republicans that feel that way. The bi-partisan angst is growing here in the US and abroad.

Where are the articles claiming that the European Union are reacting to buzz words when they voted to roll back socialism in all but one country?

The fact that Obama is too socialist for socialists should be a clue.

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2 thoughts on “Words, Just Words”

  1. Is this just for the executives whose companies he bailed out on the backs of the taxpayers

    No. Geithner has said that they are not ruling out going further.

    If there ever was an economy killing machine, this administration is it.

  2. What the heck is Barry Obama talking about getting his hands on controlling structuring and controlling executives pay?

    Is this just for the executives whose companies he bailed out on the backs of the taxpayers or does he plan a broader control of those that make a buck instead of hold their hand out for a buck.

    Barry, Barry, Barry- Where are you going to keep gettin the money to pay those that have devoted their life to learning the welfare system and all its perks if you kill the American dream that one can achieve based on how hard they work?

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