Nothing Left To Give

It wasn’t a slip of the tongue when candidate Obama said something like ‘the United States is the greatest country in the world, that’s why we need to change it.’

To a socialist, the very fact that America has become as great as it is in under 200 years, while Europe and Asia go back thousands of years, just gets under their skin. So as not to miss the obvious question, why do you suppose that is? Two words, freedom and liberty.

Because of our freedom and generosity, Americans have become the greatest producer and contributor of foreign aid in the world, and by a long shot. Not only in terms of money given but in terms of the ability of American farmers and industry to feed the world and for our military to provide aid after natural disasters wherever they may occur. Right, we need to change that.

Click to enlarge. And read what the grandfather of Newsweek editor Evan Thomas, Norman Mattoon Thomas, said about socialism and the Democrat Party.

A look at the numbers of where we are going is in an article by Alan Aronoff at American Thinker entitled Stimulating America’s Decline and begs your reading.

The fundamental change that the Obama administration has in mind will cripple the economy and suppress capitalism by suppressing risk taking and investment.  There is already a lengthy history of government involvement in private industry whether by ‘bailout’ (democrat-speak for ‘takeover’) or takeover, where this administration is concerned.

For years Democrats in Washington have been pre-occupied with our image in the world. I wonder what our image in the world will be when the ‘land of plenty’ has nothing left to give?