Barnum & Bailey Congress

This is where the heated debate in Congress has gotten to. As usual for all of this administration’s emergencies, this bill called ‘Cap & Trade’ has to be voted on, TODAY. And the 1000 page bill grew to 1300+ pages around 3AM this morning. And, the 1000 or so pages were released last night. The members of the House don’t yet have the 300 page amendment that was slipped in it but are expected to debate and vote on. Huh?

Oh it gets better. Did you know that the Speaker Pro Tempore, Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) just said that providing representatives with physical copies of the bill is not her job. Digest that one for a moment.

When asked if she had a full copy of the bill, she wasn’t sure.  Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) asked to see for himself if the entire bill was physically at the Speaker’s desk. His request was objected to by a democrat and no physical verification occurred. But hey, we need to vote on this. It’s important. It’s so important that they can’t risk anyone knowing what is in it.They were told, it’s on a website. What?

Didn’t we just do this with the porkulus bill? Didn’t we just mortgage our grand children’s future on legislation that no body read or even had the time to read?

Can you appreciate the Democrat’s interpretation of ‘full disclosure? ‘ It goes along the line of, we’ll disclose what we want to disclose and when we want to disclose it. Shut up and lay down.

First we have to follow Rahm Emanual’s ‘Rule One.’ Not to let a crisis go to waste. Even if we have to create a crisis to do it. Any problems will be up to future generations to fix. Don’t worry, be happy.

Anyone that votes for this Cap and Trade bill should be shunned at the polls next time around. That your U.S. Representative needs to be a conservative next time goes without saying.

Tomorrow’s headline, if it passes the House today, ‘Obama administration advances energy bill to the Senate’ or something like that. This bill is more of an economy killer, at a time when we are in economic upheaval, than it is an energy bill. It won’t be reported as another railroad job same as the stimulus (porkulus) bill was not reported that way.

The bill gets ZERO new energy from fossil or nuclear sources. It does nothing to reduce our dependancy on foreign oil. Instead, it chokes the economic engine of the country in the name of catastrophic man-made global warming while killing jobs and raising prices of everything, especially electricity. Oh, and it also puts virtually all industry under the thumb of government by  taxation.