It's What Passes For Safe That Matters

That the Obama administration has made America less safe in the war on terror isn’t even debatable, but you’re welcome to try.

Starting with

  • conferring constitutional protections afforded to US citizens to foreign terrorists
  • to trying to dismantle the most effective parts of the Patriot Act that the Left calls domestic spying
  • to the apology tour where the words terrorist and terrorism were not mentioned
  • to the revelation (whether or not they are ultimately released) of more 6 or 7 year old fun pictures of terrorists being uncomfortable
  • to closing Club Gitmo (11 months remaining) and trying to put the jihadists in the American prison system, where they can do some recruiting
  • to re-defining acts of terrorism as a ‘man made disaster’ for the purpose of not offending the enemy that wants us dead
  • to limiting missile defenses and halting development of missile defense systems while North Korea fires off ICBMs and nuclear bombs
  • to the seismic shift from fighting a war to a law enforcement task where the FBI will be mirandizing terrorists captured alive on the battlefield
  • to putting a lawyer/professor/politician in charge of the CIA.

Putting people with no experience in top positions seems to be a hallmark of this administration. Leon Panetta was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1994-1997. With change like this, hope is all that’s left.

Taking all that into consideration, you’d have to be a fool to think that what vice president Cheney said was not true. He said the policies of this administration have made and will make America less safe. Fact is, Cheney didn’t say he hopes we get attacked again.  That is the Left’s spin of what he said which, the AP dutifully repeats as an unchallenged fact.

Which brings us to this article in the AP where CIA director Leon Panetta is doing what liberals are quick to do. Ignore the message, attack the messenger. Close debate, end of discussion.

CIA Director Leon Panetta says former Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism of the Obama administration’s approach to terrorism almost suggests “he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point.”

The reason Cheney spoke up to call it as he sees it was because no other elected Republicans were. He loves this country and believes the people need to know what this administration is up to, including its attempt to re-write history. Which is especially important right now because the media will not. The Liberals in charge of Washington don’t like that inconvenient truth but, it is what it is.

Remember the infamous 911 Commission’s report that liberals were quick to pounce on in some areas, while ignoring other parts? The parts that the Left chose to ignore speak directly to Cheney’s remarks and our security at home and abroad.

They (the terrorists, al-Qaeda) were at war with us and we were not at war with them. And, it is not a matter of if but a matter of when another attack will come.

The same article quotes Vice President Biden on the NBC show ‘Meet the Press’ this morning who said ‘I think Dick Cheney’s judgment about how to secure America is faulty, I think our judgment is correct.’

What say you?

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2 thoughts on “It's What Passes For Safe That Matters”

  1. Thanks for your input. We do extend basic rights to people, our citizens and others that are not enemy combatants.

    . . .there are NO effective parts of the Patriot Act. It is a disgusting, un-American piece of legislation.

    Mmm, that was passed by Congress.

    All I can say is look how well the apology tour has worked. N.Korea is out of control, as is Iran. Obama plays nicey-nice with them, ratchets down missile defense programs, and comes down heavy on Israel, our ally.

    As for Club Gitmo and the terrorists being held indefinitely. I believe the Supreme Court has held that ‘enemy combatants’ may be held until the end of hostilities. So how long that is depends solely on alQaeda. 8 years, 10 years, 100 years? They can have a life sentence if they want to.

    To characterize Gitmo as a concentration camp is a bit of hyperbole. The former residents that are vacationing in Bermuda have said they were better off there than what they would get back ‘home.’ And politicians that have visited the place say it is a top-shelf prison. Why, it’s a tropical paradise. hehehe

  2. Good points.

    Why should we give basic due process rights to people we imprison? Actually charging people with things and letting them see attorneys definitely makes us less safe.

    Stopping the sarcasm for a moment, there are NO effective parts of the Patriot Act. It is a disgusting, un-American piece of legislation.

    As for the apology tour — what the hell is Obama thinking, going around not being belligerent? It’s almost like he’s trying to keep us out of unnecessary wars that we don’t have the military or economic capacity to handle!

    Pictures of terrorists being uncomfortable? OH, you mean the pictures of people who have not been charged much less found guilty of any crime whatsoever being tortured (as every other country in the world and every American administration prior to Bush 43 has defined it)? I guarantee you if you were subjected to some of the things in those pictures you’d feel more than uncomfortable.

    Another good point on Gitmo. Shutting down an extrajudicial concentration camp where we imprison people indefinitely without any kind of due process rights whatsoever, contrary to every last principle of American jurisprudence. What gall!

    Sorry for quitting halfway but I can’t do it anymore without throwing up.

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