Leaked Or Stolen?

Why is it that if I take a thumb drive full of proprietary data off of the premises it is a leak. But if I take a TV out of Best Buy it is stolen?

This isn’t a stolen TV officer, it was leaked.

Point is, why isn’t Bradley Manning charged with theft, and the WikiLeaks guy charged with dealing in stolen property and put behind bars. Along with Michael Moore.

Link: Michael Moore campaigns to free Bradley Manning in war logs case

Exercises In Korea Long-planned

Movements of troops in South Korea and ships in the Yellow Sea are part of long-planned exercises and shouldn’t be seen as a response to North Korea’s Nov. 23 attack on Yeonpyeong Island, the commander of United Nations Command said today.

“Media rhetoric from North Korea, along with images of [South Korean] forces moving on the peninsula may give you a misperception of efforts on the peninsula,” Army Gen. Walter “Skip” Sharp said in a community message aimed at Americans living and serving in Korea.

D.O.D. Link: Defense.gov News Article: Exercises in Korea Long-planned, Sharp Says.