In Denial, The Excuses Begin

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed (Fast Eddie) Rendell (also former DNC chairman) is but the first today to offer an explanation for the anticipated Democratic losses in today’s mid-term election. No doubt others will follow.

His excuse is typically nuanced. A new take on ‘we just didn’t get the message out.’ Rendell says their message was blurred. ‘We’ve got to learn to explain and communicate what we’ve done a lot more clearly,’ he said. Acknowledging the Obama effect on the anticipated poor results, Rendell also said ‘expectations were unreasonably high’ for Barack Obama when he took the presidency. Do ya think? That’s code for, this is what you get when you run on smoke like hope and change and have the media pumping you up to be America’s Messiah. The empty suit has fallen to the floor.

No Eddie, it’s not because your message was not clear. It is because the folks don’t like the message they hear or the policies they see. In living color Eddie, here’s why.

And from the Huffington/KOS/Ring of Fire crowd, we’ll know doubt hear that it’s because Obama is black.

Link: Pa. Gov. Rendell: Democratic message was blurred