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A random act of culture happened in Macy’s (formerly John Wanamaker’s) in Philadelphia last week, perpetrated by the Opera Company of Philadelphia. See if you can watch this video without tearing up. This brought about a union of people from all walks of life like no other. Only in America? Maybe so.

Another example of how stimulus money is being spent. How about $700,000 to study cow burps? Remember this, candidate, then President, Obama said he would not rest until every one that wanted a job could get one.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a little shock and awe. Here is a new Israeli hand fired tank buster. Shown here destroying the ordinance in the tank and its crew. The four other Syrian tanks following this one turned around.

Want to see the reason that this global war on terror will be a long one? Maybe a generation or two? Can’t wait to see what C.A.I.R. has to say about this child preacher. Nothing Islamophobic about this. Sad thing about it is, this isn’t the first child raised with the terrorist mindset, and won’t be the last.

Child-Preacher Ammar: “A Child Must Be Raised on the Love of Jihad and on the Desire to Be Martyred for the Sake of Allah”

Is High Unemployment The ‘New Normal?’

The unemployment model in Europe is taking shape in the United States. When you look at historical unemployment rates across the pond you will understand why President Obama ‘fears’ the U.S. economy could enter a ‘new normal.’

The dirty little secret here is that this isn’t his fear. High unemployment is incidental to his goal. It is the community organizer’s way of moving forward with his agenda to ‘transform America.’

It is what happens when the government leans socialist and labor is pretty much owned by unions rather than a free market. It is no coincidence that Andy Stern, the president of the SEIU, is the most frequent guest at The White House. And they are nowhere near finished. The end-game where SEIU is concerned is to have taxpayers bail out the union’s underfunded retirement programs. Next up, Card Check. One step at a time.

Link: Obama says he fears economy could enter ‘new normal’ of low job growth.