Election Is Over, You’re All On Probation

The people have spoken. Republicans regained majority control of the House. Question for President Obama is two-fold. Have you heard the voice of the American People? Will you listen to them?

This mid-term was a dramatic shift in power from one party to the other. But it was not a Republican victory as much as it was a victory for conservative principles. Over the last 12 months and culminating tonight, we have witnessed the ascension of conservatism in America, caused mainly by the direction that President Obama is leading us. Republicans are on notice, just as much if not more than Democrats, to get back to basics as described by the tea party movement.

Starting today, Republicans and Democrats are on probation. It’s not just the spending and debt issues that have brought the economy to its knees, but the role of the federal government that threaten to bring the American people to their knees. The message to Washington is to fix it or pay the price in 2012.

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