It Finally Happened, President Obama Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award

At a please-don’t-give-up-on-me-and-the-Democrat(ic)-Party rally in Philadelphia yesterday, the President of the United States again berated and bashed the Chamber of Commerce. Accusing the Chamber of Commerce of using foreign monies to defeat Democrats in November. Accusing them of being shills for big business. You know, much like the Soros wing of the party did two years ago to help get him elected.

Right. Accusing the Chamber of Commerce, which represents business, of being a shill for business is like saying Jerry Lewis is a shill for muscular dystrophy, or the Shriners are a shill for burned children, or the Special Olympics is a shill for the handicapped.

What our president doesn’t get, or refuses to get, is that business is capitalism, which produces jobs and revenue in free markets. Conversely, it contracts in less-than-free markets. And holds back investment because of the FUD Factor. This is the direction our president wants to take us. He has already called the Chamber and businesses ‘the enemy.’ Spoken like a true socialist/progressive. For which he gets praise from the far left in his party, currently its main stream.

But here’s the best part, and the reason President Obama wins this award. The New York Times doesn’t even buy it. They noticed that the administration offered no proof of the allegation. And caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, The White House was forced to admit that they had no evidence. Not surprising for a community organizer-turned president.

The Lunch Counter presents the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award to President Barack Obama

Link: The Soros Web and the Spiders Within

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