Question For President Obama

President Obama had an online Q&A today, taking questions from the Internet. They received 104,074 questions before the 8:30 a.m. deadline.  Since I got there 15 minutes late, they were deprived the benefit of deleting my question for the President. So I’ll just post it here. It will get back to him.

Having known before the last election that the economy was going to be the #1 problem, with the war dropping to a distant second (and why is that again?), how is it that the Treasury department is still understaffed? Why is there no Asst. Secretary and why do 17 of 18 positions remain unfilled 65 days since inauguration day?

Forming his administration was not delayed by a court fight like his predecessor. During his campaign, do you recall how his lack of executive experience was portrayed as bogus right-wing rhetoric? Now, his inexperience is showing and we’re paying the price.

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