What A Conservative Is

Rush Limbaugh did a great job of explaining what it is to be a conservative at the CPAC get-together in Washington yesterday. Making excellent use of a large TV audience and fulfilling his role as the Doctor of Democracy, in his own words, Rush explained conservatism.

He not only explained conservatism, he also contrasted that to what the Obama administration has in store for us and its effect on the nation. Cal Thomas writes . . .

Rush embodies real leadership: he knows where he wants the country to go and he is unapologetic about giving directions. He properly ridiculed liberals for their abject and proven failure to deliver the poor from poverty and wondered why the poor continue to vote for Democrats when their position remains unchanged; at least it is unchanged for those who would rather accept a government check than do what is necessary to climb out of poverty.

Rush also made the point that people watching or hearing from him for the first time will be surprised to see the difference between what they will see of him and the media’s characterization of him.

In its entirety, the speech is motivational in a sense of looking forward and what we, as conservatives, will have to do to rebuild a majority party again.

Congressional Republicans and those who seek the presidency ought to listen and re-listen to this speech. It is the core of conservatism and it embodies not only the spirit of true conservatism, but the spirit of America’s past and America’s future, if we will embrace it.

In case you missed it, the entire speech that Rush Limbaugh gave at CPAC in Washington yesterday is below.