U.S. Constitution 1787 – 2009

Congress just passed a law doing President Obama’s bidding, that of ‘getting those bonuses back.’ These are the same bonuses that the President approved when he signed that stimulus bill on Friday the 13th. That was also the day that the media watchdog died.


If the day comes that this bill passes the Senate and Obama signs it, that will be the day that our Constitution died.

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No, Not THAT America

On the economy, President Obama told a few million people in America that we will recover from this if we can get back to the values that built America. So why is he doing all that he can to re-write those values?

“We need to get back to a place where people know enough is enough,” he said. “If we can get back to those values that built America, then we’ll be OK.”

That was right after he promised to do everything he could to “get these bonuses back.” He is referring to using the power of the federal government to take the incomes of private citizens. 70 in particular of our 300 million citizens.

The seismic readings from across the Potomac are coming from our founding fathers turning over in their graves.

MSNBC: President promises on ‘Tonight Show’ to get payments back

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Ken Hoagland
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