Earmarks Of Epic Proportions

On the subject of earmarks, I’m not feeling too confident that the Obama who ran for election these last 2 years is the same Obama that is in the White House today. Fool me once . . .

He said he was against earmarks and wouldn’t sign a bill with earmarks in it. He described an earmark as legislation that gets thrown in that escapes public scrutiny and debate.  There will be no more putting things into legislation without full disclosure and examination. Such was his position.

By the President’s own definition, the $787 billion stimulus package is an earmark. President Obama told Congress they had to approve that bill immediately. Things were getting so bad that the world would end if Congress did not act fast. They didn’t have enough time to even know what was in the 1,100 page bill before they voted for it.

Now, the President has upped the ante to our future generations in his free-market regression, or spending binge. He is now saying that people are going bankrupt because of health care costs, and, that’s why we have to implement government run health care right away. He characterizes this socialist cherry as being a stimulus.  What?   And we have no time to waste in nationalizing health care. It will save us money. Right! For Congress to save money, someone would have to take their pens away so they couldn’t sign anything.

Never mind the shifting of power from the people to politicians in Washington for a moment. Solely on a monetary basis, to believe that spending trillions of dollars more of money belonging to future generations will help to stimulate and stabilize our economy today, to quote another Democrat, ‘requires a suspension of dis-belief.’

Speaking of our Secretary of State, how many months, or years did she work on THE PLAN to take over the health care industry? Let’s just say for arguments sake, that it took longer than a week. And President Obama today wants us to jump on board a plan that does not exist. Unless it is Hillary’s plan that he’s talking about, how is it possible that Obama has a plan that we should vote for right away? He is saying, trust me, you don’t need to know how I’m going to do this, just vote for it. There’s a crisis going on.

By the President’s definition, the stimulus bill and his nationalized health care ‘plan’ are both earmarks of epic proportions.