Who Do You Trust?

On day 62 of the Obama Administration, already it is a matter of trust.  In no more time than it takes to make a u-turn in an American made V-8 gas guzzling SUV, one can write the Cliff Notes of the Obama Administration’s first 62 days.

On the campaign trail, he promised an open administration. Where the people could read proposed legislation on the internet no less than 10 days before it would be voted on.

From Washington, through fear, doom and gloom, and to prevent an ‘economic catastrophe,’ the President pressed the American people and Congress for the urgent passage of the largest spending bill in world history before anyone could know what was in it. It included a re-tooling of freedom and the free-market economy with a move to government controlled nationalized health care. No debate. No nothing.

On the campaign trail, he promised there would be no more earmarks. That he would check every line of every bill to remove earmarks.

From Washington, President Obama now says earmarks are cool. What is real cool about it is there are over 8500 earmarks in the proposed budget.

On the campaign trail, he promised an end to the special interests and lobbyists.

From Washington, they are not only in his administration, but many of the larger campaign contributors, AIG, are now receiving ‘bailouts.’

Speaking of AIG. Remember ‘those greedy’ employees who ran off with ‘your tax money’ in the form of bonuses? They can thank Barack Obama, Tim Guentner, and Chris Dodd for it. They wanted the employees to get it.   (And, btw, do appreciate  the  campaign contributions.) After seeing to it that you received your bonus, you’ll have to overlook the rhetoric now, calling you greedy rich Wall St. executives. (wink wink) We don’t really mean it, but the public outrage helps us advance the fall of the free market and subsequent rise in government power.

On the campaign trail, he had the solution to our economic problem.

In Washington, out of 18 positions in the Treasury Department, 17 are still unfilled. And Guentner does not have an assistant yet. Have you seen the President out recruiting? Has anyone asked him why, with the economy as the main focus of his campaign, he has the entire Treasury Dept. understaffed? Oh, I  remember. Executive experience wasn’t such a big deal for him. Because, they told us, he would make wise decisions. Remember during the campaign, his aides said that running this presidential campaign (that hasn’t and won’t end) was plenty of executive experience. Way more than the Governor of Alaska had. Way too many people believed it, or just did not care.

In assessing Barack Obama’s performance so far, I am reminded of an Al Gore quote. “He beTrayed this country. He Played On Our Fears!”

Of all that President Obama has done, as opposed to what he campaigned on, do you conclude that he has earned your trust or lost your trust?

Don’t look for polls on ‘trust’ as it relates to Obama himself and his administration. If there were a Republican in the White House, do you think the media would be so mute on the subject? No, that dog died.