President Obama Comes Out Of The Closet

After taking in the news of today. The news is not the news. The news is the President, a constitutional lawyer, doing a Pearl Harbor-type attack on the U.S. Constitution, today firing the head of a company because he didn’t like the way he was running it. They weren’t making the right kind of products that Obama wants them to make. That’s what he said. And it didn’t stop there.

He also said he is putting some of his economic advisers (none of whom have ever run a business, the President included) on the board to work with GM’s board to decide which new cars and technologies they should be making. Then, in the same sentence he says it is not the government’s intent to run the company.

What GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner should have said was, with all due respect Mr. President I don’t work for you. And your advisers are not welcome to ‘help’ us change our company. We, with the help of a free market and a timely bankruptcy, will get out of this. You will have to bring the National Guard to occupy our company while we stand to protect our rights. Thank you very much.

I’m still in shock over what he did and said today. It hits me like a Constitutional Pearl Harbor. Not only ignoring it, which he swore to defend and protect, but re-writing it into his administration.

Shocked but not surprised. During the campaign, the Barack Obama that I and others were saying would be a danger to this country, by reshaping it into his version of socialism, came out of the closet today.

Everything President Obama has done these last 66 days has been dedicated to a re-tooling of freedom and the free-market economy with a move to government controlled health care, banking, and now the auto industry.

The Obama we are seeing today is the real Barack Obama. If you want to see what this means, force yourself to read about what his campaign and his willing accomplices in the media did not want you to know about. Because if you did, Hillary might have been the President instead of Barack.

I would call it detailed and specific of Obama’s past. Of course others will call it an attack.

Here is a sample from The Real Barack Obama. It is a ‘must read’ in order to make any sense to what we are seeing going on in Washington today.

This tape would have ended his run if it had been released before the Democratic National Convention.

The job of the President of the United States consists of only two tasks. To protect and defend its people, and to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. After you listen to this radio interview that Obama gave in 2001 to an NPR interviewer, you’ll have to ask yourself how this man could even put his and on the bible and take the oath. It is obvious that he feels the founding fathers erred in the creation of this country and its Constitution. And in this interview, he explores ways to fundamentally change it. Not protect it.

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