Socialism Is To Nationalism

As Liberal is to Progressive. From the Left front, it is official. They have come out of the closet for socialism. In case you missed it, this was part of Saturday’s program, on Air America Radio.

We’ve also got best-selling author David Sirota with us today, and he’s gonna tell us why we shouldn’t be afraid of nationalism, because if you look closely, you’ll see that its already all around us.

David Sirota gave two examples of nationalization that, he says, the American people like. Social Security and Medicare. Both of which will be financially unsustainable in the not too distant future all on their own. A fact that was overlooked by the show’s host, Mike Papantonio, on his Ring of Fire radio program. What’s funny is the ‘if you look closely’ line. To some, like this conservative, the Left’s urge for government control of as much of our lives as possible, does not require close examination. It wasn’t neocon hysteria after all. It’s out there.

Ring of Fire radio link: Hour 3 William Kleinknecht David Sirota (Sirota’s segment goes from the middle to the end of the audio file)

Bio: Mike Papantonio hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, the Ring of Fire, on Air America Radio and is the founder of He is a partner in the Levin Papantonio law firm in Pensacola.