Biofuel, A Liberal Record Of Failure

We have the environmentalists to thank for an energy policy that promises not to use it, but to use biofuels instead. And of course we have wimpy politicians that enable them. The financial impact on this increase demand of corn for biofuel production has become oppressive on poor countries like Mexico and the rest of Central and South America who depend on corn as a staple food source.

There is another problem with relying on a food-based biofuel, such as corn ethanol, as the poor of Mexico can attest. In recent months, soaring corn prices, sparked by demand from ethanol plants, have doubled the price of tortillas, a staple food. Tens of thousands of Mexico City’s poor recently protested this “ethanol tax” in the street.

Now the United Nations is saying that the UN cannot afford to feed the world because of the increase in food cost as a result of this increased biofuel demand.

policymakers were becoming more concerned about the impact of biofuel demand on food prices and how the world would continue to feed its expanding population.

Like raising taxes to boost the economy doesn’t fly, trying to use biofuels to replace oil is not only not increasing our domestic oil supply, but it is contributing to a hunger problem in undeveloped and poor nations around the world. It’s like trying to win the war by quitting before we win. Another liberal solution proven to fail that you won’t see much of in the mainstream media. It definitely doesn’t fit the template.

reference: Washington Post, Financial Times

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