Gaza Solution The Same

It’s amazing that of all the news about Hamas killing Palistinians, as opposed to killing Jews, I haven’t heard “Iran” mentioned in any of the stories. Not one. You should know that Hamas is the terrorist wing of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran’s military. Hamas is funded, supplied and trained by and in Iran. There’s a reason the MSM would rather not tell you about the Hamas chain of command and exactly who they are. Let’s not keep that fact secret as we move forward.

Hamas has played its hand now by taking control of Gaza by the gun and with public executions of the police. In front of their families I might add. However, the solution is the same as the one for Iraq.

In Iraq, they used democratic principles to elect their leaders and their government. Nobody said that having a democratic election will yield a peace loving country, especially if it is held in Gaza. So have a new election in Gaza, let them choose their leaders and their form of government. If the new government turns out to be a terrorist state, then fine. At least now the enemy and the target is identified. They are no longer in the shadows among civilians. They are a state in every sense of the word, and when they start attacking Israel, Israel can respond with a full war response. Dittos for Israel’s allies. It would be over within 30 days, maybe 30 minutes, if fought like a war. No reason for that tit-for-tat military response any more. They’ll have to be pounded into submission and cut off from Iran. And if Iran wants to provoke further military action in Gaza or Lebanon, then it’s on with them too. It’s pretty much their choice. Saddam had a choice. He didn’t make the right one.

The time for negotiations has expired with the takeover in Gaza. When Hamas only wants to kill Israelies and wipe Israel off the map, where is there room for compromise? Will some liberal please explain what a compromise might look like?

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