US Blocks UN Statement On Gaza

You’ve seen the media hype all the civilian casualties, women and children, before. In fact, it has become fashionable to report on women and children casualties as a result of war. We see it in our media and everywhere else in the world. We see it in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in Lebanon and the Gaza strip. Not so much in Israel, at the hands of Hamas. Since Israel’s enemy and our enemy choose to use their own families as human shields, women and children casualties are a given. So media, spare me the tears please.

The United States late Saturday blocked approval of a U.N. Security Council statement calling for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers, diplomats said.

With no history nor expectation that Hamas will live at peace and accept the existence of Israel, the US did the right thing at the UN. All the bleeding proportional-response.jpghearts be dammed. That war, as in any war, is not going to end until one side or the other wins it. Or to put it another way, until one side loses it.  ‘Cease fires’ where Islamofascists are concerned is Osama-speak for back up, regroup, re-arm, and attack another day. Not surprisingly, the Useless Nations has no memory of this tact, or Tora Bora, or Sadr City, or Fallujah.

Meanwhile, let the terrorist cleansing begin. It’s called peace through strength, not peace through surrender. And why doesn’t Israel have the same right to self-defense as other nations?

At this point, it is beginning to look like PEBO has his first test coming up shortly. Will he support our ally, or the terrorists and Iran?

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2 thoughts on “US Blocks UN Statement On Gaza”

  1. “(C) Let’s try to figure out why they want to kill us.”

    It’s not that difficult. They will tell you it is because we are not Muslims and believers in Islam. And, since we are not, then we have two choices, convert to Islam, or die. Do you want to live like that? Which do you prefer?

    Understand Derek, I’m not saying kill all Muslims. I’m saying that those that bastardize Islam, the Islamofascists, need to be stopped, one way or the other.

    I don’t care that they are Muslim. I believe they have a right to believe whatever religion they want, as long as their religion doesn’t demand my death, or that I convert to their primitive belief system.

    Terrorists are not born terrorists, they are raised to be terrorists. Islam doesn’t condone terrorism, the idiots like binLaden and Ahmadinejad do through their own bastardized interpretation of it.

    I know lots of poor people, and people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds, and they don’t want to murder ‘non-believers.’ For those that you speak of, the best thing that could happen to them is to be given a chance to be free. That would give them a leap into the civilized world instead of being under the thumb of their Islamofascist rulers. Unfortunately, freedom to them is viewed as evil. Go figure.

    Oh, and another reason they are the way they are is because they don’t like Jews. They want them dead. I’m sure that is not news to you. Do you think if we abandon Israel by not backing them up if they need help that the Islamofascists will then like us, or not go after us, like they did on 9/11? Why would we want to ask Israel to stop defending itself by not going after those who are lobbing dumb missiles into their country, ‘targeting’ civilians? Is it so the terrorists will like us? I mean, are you suggesting we simply turn over the Jews and Israel so we can then live happily ever after?

    It’s not just Jews that they want dead. It is you and me, and Germans, and Canadians, and Spanish, and the Brits, the French. Get the picture?

    This war on terrorism isn’t a short one. It will go on for as long, if not longer, than the Cold War with Russia. It involves dashing their hopes of world domination of their version of Islam through killing, to the point that there will no longer be Madrases in the Muslim world teaching Jihad as a form of justifiable murder and all that crap. Instead they might learn stuff like how to make a decent living for themselves and live in peace with their neighbor who may have his own religion different from theirs.

    If that makes me a hawk, so be it. I’ll take a live hawk over a dead pacifist any day. By definition, pacifists can not, or will not, see the evil in those responsible for 9/11, and those like Hamas. Like Rosie O’Donnell said, ‘they are parents too.’ How sweet.

    The ball is in Obama’s court now. Will be interesting to see if his walk matches the talk. Hold on, if that is the case then he’ll be for both sides. ???

  2. A war on terrorism or on “Islamofacism” is not winnable. You cannot defeat an ideal. You can not defeat a condition. This is why we cannot win a “war on Communism” or a “war on drugs” or a “war on poverty”.

    You and other hawks look at the whole situation the wrong way. You think, (A) These guys hate us and want to kill us, and then (B) How do we kill them first?

    The proper thought process should be (A) These guys hates us and want to kill us, (B) We can’t kill them all, and even if we could we’d be horrible genocidal people, so (C) Let’s try to figure out why they want to kill us.

    Do you think that terrorists are just born with murder in their eyes? Of course not. Do you think that Islam advocates this kind of behaviour? If you do, you’re sadly mistaken. These people act the way they do because of socioeconomic, political, and cultural conditions. The only hope we have of EVER permanently solving this issue is to address the underlying problems.

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