What Can You Do About It?

Conservatives and conservative principles took a huge hit in this last general election, and the one before that. Getting a bit frustrated? I understand. Been there, done that. No more frustrated than I was when republicans didn’t know how to lead once they won in 2000, and started loosing seats four years later. Here’s one thing you can take to the bank, or under your mattress, whichever you trust more. As for ‘our representatives’ in Washington, when they feel the heat, they will see the light.

Enter the Intelligent Thinkers Movement. It is what grassroots is all about.

Here’s an excerpt that lays the foundation, check the link for more details and how you can help. No cash required. Just your commitment.

The voice of “we the people” has been hijacked by partisan politics, government bureaucrats, and the influence of money on elections and legislation. To take back our government, we must be able to un-elect members of Congress on a timely basis, and dramatically influence their decisions while they are in office.

Because of the proliferation of biased media reporting, gullible voters, and too many in Congress who willingly and intentionally make deceptive and misleading statements about proposed legislation, “we the people” must be able to provide succinct and intelligent feedback to Congress frequently and persistently. We can then hold them accountable intelligently at election time, which is our only leverage for holding their feet to the fire.

We don’t need all 306 million citizens to be successful. We only need 100,000 voters per Congressional district for them to “see the light”.

“We the people” can and will take back our government and the strategic direction of this Nation. It is our right and responsibility.

This is NOT a republican, democrat, libertarian, conservative, liberal, or progressives movement. This is a “we the people” movement.

link: Hermanator’s Intelligent Thinkers Movement (HITM)