International Wiretapping Upheld

In a decision made last August 22, but not reported until now, what the left calls warrantless wiretapping, and the courts call the National Security Agency’s secret eavesdropping program, has been declared constitutional and within the powers given to the president.

The decision marks the first time since the disclosure of the National Security Agency’s warrantless eavesdropping program three years ago that an appellate court has addressed the constitutionality of the federal government’s wiretapping powers. In validating the government’s wide authority to collect foreign intelligence, it may offer legal credence to the Bush administration’s repeated assertions that the president has the power to act without specific court approval in ordering national security eavesdropping that may involve Americans.

Regardless, Obama has dismantling the most effective tools of the Patriot Act in mind for his first term. A testament to his selections for CIA director and DHS secretary.

To take this tool away is like trying to run a marathon blindfolded. What the left calls warrantless wiretapping of American citizens is this: a call originating from a known terrorist region and coming into the US. Who wants to bet their life that this program hasn’t helped save lives and hasn’t helped to get the bad guys? Will the resentment and refutation of the policies of George W. Bush take precedence over the safety and security of our citizens?

link: Intelligence Court Rules Wiretapping Power Legal

Newspapers Cutting Expenses, Hours, Wages

Newspapers around the country are having a tough time raising revenues for a host of reasons, not the least of which is the economy right now. Papers and Publishers are asking their employees, or I mean their ‘workers,’ to volunteer to have your hours cut as well as your salary. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Gannett Announces One-Week, Unpaid Furloughs

Today Gannett is implementing a furlough program across all U.S. divisions and at corporate headquarters. This means that most of our U.S. employees – including myself and all other top executives – will be furloughed for the equivalent of one week in the first quarter. This furlough will be unpaid. Unions also will be asked to participate.

Emphasis added. Why is there no mention about what the union thinks of their cost cutting plans? Put a camera on the CWA’s president. Someone ask him just how the union is expected to participate? That’s where the news is. What’s up with that?

Wouldn’t you like to see the CWA try to hold up newspaper publishers? Watching that would be like an adult reprimanding a child. Only in this case, I’m having trouble determining which is the adult.

You can bet if the news was about organizing a business, we would see it.

CORRECTION 1/17/09: Gannett is not asking their employees to volunteer to take a week off without pay, they are telling them to, and within the first quarter of 2009. Mmm, wonder what’s up for the next quarter?

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