Democrats Still Attacking Limbaugh

My friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have a petition going. ‘Stand strong against Rush Limbaugh’s Attacks — sign our petition, telling Rush what you think of his attacks on President Obama. We’ll send Limbaugh your comments. When members of the Republican Attack Machine like Rush Limbaugh kick into action, we need a strong grassroots response.’

What could possibly be accomplished by a campaign like this? Do they really believe that their hate mail will cause Rush to accept and support Obama’s so-called stimulus plan? The DCCC is showing just how shallow they and their grassroots are when it comes to the arena of ideas. And I’m sure that Rush will be more than happy to point that out.

Rush’s response, “I am greatly puzzled. Why would the Democrats petition against me if I am doing such terrible damage to the GOP? ”

Once again, like Harry Reid tried a couple years ago with the infamous letter he sent to ABC, the political party is attacking a private citizen based on lies. Limbaugh is not attacking Obama. He is attacking Obama’s so-called economic stimulus plan. Unfortunately, the lemmings that believe their tripe can’t tell the difference.

Won’t you help them? Here’s my message. Your mileage may vary.

Since President Obama’s so-called economic stimulus plan is mostly a democrat party / special interest stimulus plan, and as proscribed, has more pork in it than economic stimulus, then I too hope he fails. Not as president, but in passing this plan as he has proposed it. Which is the exact context that Limbaugh’s comment was meant.

Be sure to send my comments to Limbaugh. Thanks for your help.

All those (like Craig Aaron at the Huffington Post) who believe that Democrats don’t want the return of the Fairness Doctrine please raise your hand.

link: DCCC

Obama's Listening Tour Hits Snag With Iran

Yesterday, President Obama had his first TV interview with a journalist since becoming President of the United States with Al-Arabiya TV, which is based in Dubai. He proposes a listening tour of sorts with no preconditions, unlike his predecessor. I guess that rules out Iran, because Iran does have preconditions. Two of them.

  1. Get all our troops out of the Middle East
  2. End our support of Israel.

Was Barack preoccupied with getting elected last October when Iran set the preconditions? Too preoccupied to realize the position of Iran, one of the most dangerous terrorist-supporting states in the world? So what is his excuse now, now that he is President, for still not knowing that Iran has preconditions? Especially two that he can not agree to.

link: Iran’s Vice President Sets Two Preconditions for Talks with US