Time For Harry Reid To Go

Which statement causes more harm to Americans; ‘nappy headed hos’ or ‘the war is lost?’ To answer this all one needs to do is look at who is affected and who is saying it. A basketball team of women who have accepted a radio DJ’s apology for an airing that reached (originally) only about 300,000 people, and, over 150,000 soldiers and over a million family members supporting and praying for their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, who are fighting to protect us against Islamofascists (murderers who pervert Islam), by the political leader of the Senate of the United States of over 300 million.

We’ve seen Don Imus lose his job and possibly career over a racial comment, meant to be irreverent humor, that came from the vernacular of today’s hip hop culture. We’ve seen another Senate majority leader like Harry Reid, Trent Lott, lose his leadership position due to popular demand of the ‘opposition party’ for making what was meant to be a joke at Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party.

In Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s case, his ‘the war is lost’ comment doesn’t even come close to the negative impact fomented from what was said by Don Imus or Trent Lott.

The total impact of Harry Reid’s statement is hurtful to the morale of our troops during a time of war, while they are in harms way. It hurt the sensibilities of the families behind the troops. It gives aid and comfort to the enemy, alQaeda and other like-minded Islamofascists.

Let’s be at least a little consistent shall we? Harry Reid must go. He must at least give up his position as leader of the Senate. Today wouldn’t be soon enough for me.

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