The Left’s Reaction To Reid’s “We’ve Lost” Statement

For reason’s I don’t quite know how to interpret, the KOS seems to be looking for excuses for  Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) “the war is lost” statement instead of toasting with French champagne and blunts.

Some have questioned his rhetoric and his choice of words, calling it a gaffe. But what if Reid had carefully chosen his words? What if his intention was to spur debate, or even further, to forward the debate beyond the question of this supplemental funding bill and the squabbling over it?

If it was his intention to ‘spur debate’ then it is safe to say that the senator is a blooming idiot.  What else can you say about someone who would cause a negative effect on troop morale and help the enemy, all for the purpose of spurring debate? 

From what Reid said, it seems the rabid left is getting ‘what they paid for,’ to use their words after the 2006 election.  Is it an indication that even they are beginning to see that, as more and more people hear what they are really about, they are turning people off with their message and tactics?

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