Left Attacks Limbaugh, So What’s New?

The Seattle Times titles the story “Limbaugh draws fire on Obama parody.”   He may be drawing fire, but not from anyone who counts.  It’s only the Soros financed Media Matters and their far-left ilk who are making something out of it.   Them and some callers to Al Sharpton’s talk radio show.  As for Obama, he thinks it’s not to be taken seriously. 

Obama’s campaign called the song “dumb,” although a spokesman said the campaign doesn’t think anyone is taking the song seriously.

“It’s not the first dumb thing said during the course of this campaign and it likely won’t be the last,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. “But, frankly, I don’t think anyone takes this too seriously.”

It’s a hilarious parody that correctly characterizes the Sharpton / Obama dynamic.   

Limbaugh predicted the lefts’ reaction, including the ones who will bring it up. And viola, here it is.  The Limbaugh Institute does know how to push the left’s buttons.  It was also educational to watch.

Here’s 3 more iterations of the same story by By Christi Parsons at the Chicago Tribune:  Limbaugh under fire for Obama parody – Memphis Commercial Appeal,  Limbaugh’s ‘Negro’ parody stirs racial concerns – Houston Chronicle, and Parody targets role of race in Obama candidacy – The Honolulu Advertiser

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