Pensacola, The Gay Riviera

That’s what it’s known to be called around here on Memorial Day Weekend. There’s been less and Kirk Newkirk, of Key Sailing, stands outside his boat and waverunner rental business on Pensacola Beach, Fla., while a Gay Pride rainbow flag flies, behind, Thursday, May 24, 2007. This conservative stretch of the Florida Panhandle that twice sent George Bush to the White House and usually attracts family vacationers from the Deep South, is transformed each Memorial Day by more than 50,000 gay tourists who come for a three-day beach bash. (AP Photo/Tony Giberson)less objection to it over the years. Money, money, and a more tolerant community are the three main reasons for the greater overall acceptance.

This also marks the best weekend in over two years due to rebuilding efforts after hurricane Ivan. The beach needs a good season.

Another pic from the beach.

42 Captives Freed From al-Qaida Prison

The machinations that those on the left like Sen. Joseph Biden go through to constantly berate our soldiers, their commanders, and their mission so as not to make our enemy mad at us (what?) is instructive in revealing that their strategy of ‘if we’re nice to them then they’ll be nice to us’ is a guaranteed losing one. War is about killing the enemy before the enemy kills you. Period.

The recent rescue of torture victims and discovery of al-Qaida torture manuals shows just how ignorant and wrong those on the left are when it comes to the war on terror and the determination of our enemy. It’s not about issuing prayer rugs, Korans, special food, and scheduled “prayer sessions.”

One of our own was recovered, from the river.