Go Left TV Takes On Conservative Media

Proof that the fairness doctrine is a big mistake, the left has sprouted up a new presence on the Internet in the form of GoLeft.tv. It’s a mistake in the sense that everyone has a shot at playing pundit, success or failure depends on them, not the government.

They are properly optimistic, with all the bravado of the kick-off of Air America Radio a couple years ago. From the press release. . .

“Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Medved and the rest of right-wing, conservative media, beware!”

Among the people behind GLTV is a familiar face in Air America Radio land. Pensacola attorney Mike Papantonio, and his buds at his BIG LAW law firm are the major “investors” in the project. The “Pap Attack” is something he does on his Air America Radio show called the Ring of Fire, available on short wave, the Internet and a few conventional AM outlets. As referenced in the previous post, watching a minute or two of the Pap Attack will give you an idea what hate radio (hate Internet?) is.

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2 thoughts on “Go Left TV Takes On Conservative Media”

  1. Was that directed at me or at the lefties at goLeft.tv? I don’t hate America Charles. Try decalf for awhile. I understand your frustration with ‘the left.’ I share it. And I endeavor to keep up to speed on what they’re up to, like this post for example.

  2. why do you hate America? you cant allow us to elect by Democratic means. If you left wing wackos lose you somehow say the election was rigged. I love my country and have served in two armed forces army and marines. I have and will always be prod of my military and if you don’t like it fly to your beloved Cuba. And never come back. thank you and go to hell.

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