Take My Speaker, Please!

No, it’s not a threat, its a joke.  Thank you Rodney Dangerfield for your inspiration and humor.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, against the wishes of the administration, visits the middle east’s largest sponsor of terrorism, Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Apparently she is saying nothing new.  Apparently she is carrying the administration’s message; stop supporting terrorism, stop seeking to undermine the Lebanese government, recognize Israel’s right to exist, all that.  All that has been said and done before. 

Besides adding to global warming by flying over there, what was her point in going?  To appear relevant I guess, as a Co-Commander-In-Chief-Secretary-of-State.  Right, this after she tells the president to ‘calm down.’  She’s using a different version of the U.S. Constitution than the one in Washington.  Must be the moveon.org version.

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