Speaker-elect Pelosi, 0 for 1

Here’s a picture that’s worth 1000 words.  House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi’s strained smile beside her new number two Steny Hoyer (D-Md).  House democrats handed the San Francisco liberal her first defeat in her first assertion of power.  John Murtha was Pelosi’s choice for the position.  He’s the one with the frown on his face.

House Democrats today picked Steny H. Hoyer, right, over John P. Murtha, far right, for majority leader and Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

In defending her choice for John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi said, among other things, that she chose Murtha because she thought that would lead to an expedient end of the war.

I was proud to support him for majority leader, because I thought that would be the best way to bring an end to the war in Iraq.

That admission was omitted from the NYT’s article. Mmmm

Disclaimer: This is a New York Times link. It’s truthfulness and completeness should be judged against what you already know about the NYT and Nancy Pelosi.

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