Going Down In French

Until being caught ‘on the take’ in Saddam’s oil-for-food program, there didn’t seem to be any media coverage of the goings-on in French society. My perception was that things must be fine in France. Fine wine and french fries. It was all good. Since then, however, the French have been seen as double-crossers by myself and others who show their displeasure by not buying their wine, and french fries became freedom fries. In real life, there are consequences for one’s actions and France is no exception.

How they react to a well-deserved shunning is, well, rather French. The French press declares Halloween dead, as “a cultural reaction linked to the rise of anti-Americanism.” A shop owner said “Our Halloween sales have been falling by half every year since 2002.” Their media sees this as some sort of victory for France. OK, I see it as somewhat of a loss for French kids to have some fun one day a year.

Halloween losing favor in France is small potatoes compared to what’s happening in their streets and ghettos. They are in the process of losing their identity and sovereignty to people who want France and don’t want to be French. There is a reluctance in Europe and the UK to admit what is really going on, and it’s all about ‘immigration’ and migration. It’s not simply “youths” challenging authority, they are challenging France. And they’re not just youths, they are the radical Islamists, Muslims, who have an affinity for burning buses, attacking police and other symbols of French society.

France has bigger problems than Halloween and freedom fries. Their cradle-to-grave socialist government has forced them to open their borders to people who don’t want to assimilate, but rather dominate. From here it seems like they haven’t a prayer or the political will to stop it.