No More Free Bombings/Assassinations Allowed

How one can wage and win a war without taking out the main participants is beyond my understanding, and a formula for losing.  There can be no repercussions worse than assassinations and coordinated terrorist bombings going on every day.  The radical Muslim leaders of today need to go, permanently, from this earth.   They include Muqtada al-Sadr in Iraq and Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon. 

And I wouldn’t worry one bit about collateral damage.The human shields that these cowards hide behind are not innocent victims.  They are participants  The madrases that are used to train young terrorists are not schools of higher education, they are schools for terrorists and terrorists-in-training.

Up until now, the notion of taking these guys out had been tempered by the uncertainty of how the rest of the Muslim world would react.  Meanwhile, more innocent Lebanese people and more innocent Iraqis and more innocent Israelis are getting blown up or assassinated at the direction of these two terrorists with turbans.  I’d rather believe that the rest of the Muslim world, the ones who don’t preach by the sword, would not start rioting in the streets and would, in fact, breath a sigh of relief that the cancer has been removed.

al-Reuters link: Lebanon’s political crisis heading for showdown