Top Dems Acknowledge Saddam’s Nuclear Program

… you remember, that’s the program that Harry Reid, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., John D. Rockefeller IV, and Carl Levin have said Saddam didn’t have.  They acknowledge it now by complaining that the declassification of some of the captured documents, so the public can see what was happening there, may be dangerous.  These are documents recovered in Baghdad when US forces first went in.  Making them available does tend to verify and validate the fact that, on this subject, Bush was right, and they were wrong.  And don’t expect to hear them admit that they were wrong and Bush was right either. 

The play is to forget about what was in the documents, and to make an issue over making them public, ignoring the obvious facts contained therein.

They are good at deflection and use it often.  This  deflection is reminiscent of the Kennedy judicial obstruction memo that was read from a shared file on a computer network.  A network that was shared by republicans and democrats in the Senate.  Amazingly, Kennedy (with the help of the media by ignoring the content of the memos) was able to make the issue an issue of ‘how did republicans get his memos,’ instead of what was actually IN those memos.  What was IN those memos was their plan to politicize the Judiciary committee’s work in the handling of Bush’s judicial nominees.

ref: Byron York, Feb, 2004