Socialist Candidate and French Values

France is having what we would call their primary season, picking a candidate from their party to run for president next year.  The ‘liar’ accusation is alive and well in French politics.  Not sure if it has always been that way or if they are mimicking the US model.  I guess we can take small pride in what family values means to US politicians though, compared to candidate Miss Ségolène Royal, the favorite to win France’s Socialist Party’s nomination. 

Miss Royal reportedly has four children, all possibly with the same father, the article does not go into that much detail, but it does say this. . .

Miss Royal, 53, has four children with her partner, Francois Hollande, who is leader of the party.

She has a partner, not a husband, and they are raising four children.  At 53 and four children later, is ‘marriage’ and ‘family’ a thing of the past in France or is shacking-up embraced by the Socialist Party?  

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