Depravity Unchained In Jersey City

A baby born about three months premature and weighing just 2.85 pounds. Found in the apartment building’s trash can by kids playing, umbilical cord still attached.  Lucky for the boy, he’ll survive. And if the would-have-been mother is found, it will be interesting to see if she’ll be charged with murder and what kind of defense she’ll use? And who, aside from a public defender, would represent that piece of human waste.

I may be all wrong on this. Maybe this was just a self-abortion. You know, mother’s right to choose. No biggie. It was one of those late-term abortions. So the baby survived the birth. The abortion lobby, and President Obama, feel it’s OK to just let the baby die. Only difference? The woman did it herself and didn’t have an abortion clinic’s stainless steel table for it to die on. The garbage bag was all she had.

If that baby doesn’t end up severely retarded and institutionalized for the rest of his life due to what happened to him, imagine the thought of knowing that your “mother” literally put you in the trash to die.

What’s really sad, aside from the act itself, is that this kind moral depravity is not limited to Jersey City. It’s just not often that we hear about it. And, there’s no excuse for it. New Jersey has a Safe Haven law, whereby a newborn can be dropped off at a manned police or fire station, or at a hospital and not be prosecuted.

Link:  Search underway for mother of baby found in trash in Jersey City

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