Speak Up Pensacola!

Even short-time residents of Pensacola can see the rise in violent crime here. Law enforcement can only do so much. It’s not their problem to fix. It’s their problem to respond. It’s our problem to fix.


There are signs that people are realizing that fact as noted on the Pensacola News Journal’s editorial page, A caring community. Organizers of “Saturday’s Soul Bowl” hoped to focus on fighting crime from the ground up. From within Pensacola’s neighborhoods.

“I call it cancer,” McAway told sportswriter Matt Foster. McAway, director of the Pensacola Youth Sports Education Association’s Rattler teams, was referring to the violence in Pensacola. “It’s a cancer because it’s eating up people.”

Lumon May, director of the Southern Youth Sports Association Tigers squads, reinforced McAway’s comments saying “Everyone needs to live in a safe neighborhood, and we can’t be silent about the violence.”


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