Surprise! Tax Hike Turned Into New Debt

Remember the tax hike that President Obama campaigned on? He said that the rich weren’t paying enough. That the top two percent needed to pay more, if we were ever going to begin to pay down that $16.4 Trillion debt.

Well guess what? His tax hike amounted to an extra (on paper anyway) $40 Billion. The Sandy Relief Bill he just signed for $50 Billion just spent all of that tax hike, and ADDED another $10 Billion to the debt that he, ostensibly, was going to start paying down. Understand that I don’t begrudge relief for the Sandy victims. They should have been helped at least as fast as the Katrina victims were. They were not. And nobody, including the media, seems to care. It is Obama’s blatant carnival Barker pitch, with a dash of class warfare and wealth envy thrown in, that I object to.

Do you feel like a sucker yet? Well I don’t because I didn’t vote for him. By now you should know that any increased revenue will only go towards more spending as long as The One is in The White House. Obama’s purpose was to raise the tax rates on the upper income brackets, period. It had nothing whatsoever to do with paying down the debt.

h/t Mark Levin Show

Link: Remember Obama’s tax hikes on the rich to pay debt? He’s already spent every penny

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