113th Congress, Most Diverse

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R)

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) has pledged that his first bill would seek to repeal “every syllable of every word” of the Obama administration’s “‘Affordable’ Health Care Act.”

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (R)

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (R) of was sworn into office Thursday  on a historic day that saw him become the first African-American United States senator from the South since Reconstruction and the upper chamber’s only current black member.

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Is Hugo Chavez At Room Temperature?

Ding Dong. Some think he is already dead. Chavez’s opposition party might get another chance to free Venezuelans from the dictator and maybe have food on the shelves in markets again. The country may have a shovel-ready project of their own.

Give credit where credit is due, to the fine health care system in communist Cuba.

Link: Hugo Chavez: Venezuelan politicians demand ‘the whole truth’ over condition of President | Mail Online.