Steward No More

It is hardly arguable that President Obama ever acted as the steward of our country, the job every president is elected to be, and do. On the contrary, this president does not like this country as it was founded and as it is, or was. This president wants to be the ‘next’ founding father. He is doing what he set out to do. Change the constitution without laying a pen on it.

This is what he thinks of our Constitution. In his own words.

The constitution is a charter of negative liberties. . . . It doesn’t say what the federal government must do on your behalf.

Obviously, he detests the 10th Amendment too! The federal government must do nothing that the States don’t delegate it to do. That really pisses him off.

Bob Parks at Black & Right calls it right in yet another example of operating outside of Congress where the 2nd Amendment is concerned . . .

It appears a trial balloon has been launched regarding the possibility that President Obama may use “executives orders” or “executive action” to restrict gun availability and/or use by the American people.

Tactics mean doing what you can with what you have.
— Saul Alinsky

Quite the provocative act, but then again it’s by the book.

Terrorist Catch And Release Program

I know we’re all supposed to forget about the four Americans killed in Benghazi – that was ages ago, and we had a presidential election that validates all the lies Obama and his people told about the incident, so it’s a clean slate all around. Those four “bumps in the road,” as Obama called them, have been paved over with a steamroller.

But for anyone who still cares, all of those big investigations and partnerships with local law enforcement touted by the President have resulted in exactly zero terrorists in custody. The one and only person held thus far in connection with the attacks, was just released by Tunisian authorities.

Link: Total number of Benghazi attackers in custody: zero