Rep. Miller Upholds Oath To ‘Protect And Defend’

Within hours of the school shooting in Newtown, CT, the political Left have fed on the emotions of Americans to convince us obama_constitution_negative_libertiesthat they can stop this kind of crime if they can only ban so-called “assault weapons.” Problem for them is how to violate the Constitution and get away with it. That’s a BIG problem. Unlike our current President and his accomplices in this attempt, the mainstream media, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder and VP Joe Biden, our U.S. House Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL1), takes his oath and the Constitution seriously.

What Miller says on this subject . . .

Interest groups, politicians, and the Administration should not be exploiting a national tragedy to abandon liberty in pursuit of political expedience and advantage, rather, we should all comprehensively examine the policies, practices, and culture which lead to mass violence. Additionally, any attempt by the President to enact gun control by executive order would be an obscene abuse of power, ungrounded in Constitutional authority, and tantamount to a violation of his oath to support and defend the Constitution.

For nearly 240 years, the right to keep and bear arms has stood the test of time, and I will continue to stand by those courageous citizens who follow in the footsteps of generations of American patriots and who through their sacrifice dare defend and protect the written words of our Founding Fathers.

Read the rest of Rep. Miller’s statement HERE.

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