Gun Appreciation Day, You’re Invited

Saturday, January 19, 2013 is Gun Appreciation Day.

I have a better idea. Why not offer to take a non gun owner to the range with you?

If you have a fear of guns but are curious enough to check it out, or are interested in maybe getting a gun but don’t have a clue what caliber, size, kind, or brand to get, an hour at a gun range will answer those kind of questions. Maybe you don’t yet own a gun but want to see what it is like to shoot one, a state-approved gun range is the place to start. All gun ranges accept guests and first-time visitors. No invitation required. You’ll be able to see all types of weapons (the proper terminology for a ‘gun’ imho) there, and chances are, you’ll leave with a good idea of what you can or can not handle. The next (if not first) step is to visit a gun shop where people behind the counter can help in something best suited for you.

An hour at the gun range with your spouse or other family member, buddy, or budette, makes for great recreation while building your skill in shooting and handling. In fact, any responsible gun owner will tell you to visit the range often enough to be proficient and keep proficient in its use. The most important thing in owning a weapon is learning to respect it. You learn to handle it safely. You learn to shoot it accurately. You don’t play with it. After all, it is a lethal weapon.

Any non gun owner in the Pensacola area want to by my guest at the Escambia River Gun Club’s shooting range next Saturday? Use the contact form HERE and give me your contact information or come see me at Philly’s. Representatives of the media are welcome too! I’ll show you how to have fun and be safe at the same time. From what I and others at the range will bring, you’ll get a chance to see and/or shoot all sorts of firearms from small to large. Ear and eye protection is required at the range. Earplugs and other ear gear is available at the range or any gun shop. I have a spare set of earplugs and shooting glasses for you to use. New and unused of course. 🙂 I gotcha covered.