Record Turnout, High Prices At Florida Gun Shows

Opening hours line at the Florida Gun Show in Pensacola.

Through my unscientific poll of Facebook posts, people are saying that the lines to get into the gun shows in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami are the longest ever. Since the gun store shelves are almost empty and out of ammo, I have to believe that President Obama wins the ‘Top Gun’ Salesman of the Year award.

It was heartening to see so many people getting CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit) training. Young, old, Black, White, and everywhere in between. And they weren’t all republicans either. Believe it or not, democrats believe in personal protection too. Contrary to Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama’s argument, I didn’t see any gang members or gang bangers there buying guns. I saw everyone there that was buying, filling out the required paperwork and going through the background check procedure.

The laws of supply and demand have affected the firearms industry, at least at the retail level. Weapons like the AR15 that was $600-700 three months ago, are now between $2000 -3000. Ammo? You’re lucky if you find what you’re looking for. There was no 40 caliber range ammo, which was what I was looking for. I later found some, at before hysterical (over $1.00/round) prices  too, at a local shop off the beaten path. Not at the gun show. The name of which shall stay my secret. You’ll have to email me to get it.

Happy Shooting!

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5 thoughts on “Record Turnout, High Prices At Florida Gun Shows”

  1. Wellll……I went to the Ft Pierce Gun Show to look around. Not as many vendors as usual and the crowd was light. You could actually walk up and down the rows of tables. While looking, I came to a dead stop.

    1. I went to the one in Pensacola a couple weeks ago. And compared to the one in January, the only difference was that the availability and prices were both better. Everyone had AR’s and all at around the $1000 price point. Same situation in the local gun shops here in Pensacola.

      Still good crowds attending. But still a shortage of ammo here. Ammo that was available was pricey.

  2. What’s the name I just want range ammo to train with.. 25$ box of 50 for 9mm… Is what I am finding I am in the miami area.

    1. 50 cents per round isn’t a bad price nowadays. Reloads are about half that if you can find them, and, if the range allows you to use reloads. Not all will.

  3. You forgot to mention the 5 gun show attendees that got shot. Wait, I guess forgot is the wrong word. Ignored, that’s better.

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