It’s The Constitution Stupid

Dianne Feinstein
The body language says it all.

Here we go again. Pick out the enemy, isolate it, demagogue it if that’s what it takes to win your point. It works whether it’s nationalizing health care or winning elections. It’s a tactic outlined in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and explains to a ‘T’ why this administration does what it does. This time the subject is controlling guns and everything associated with it. If you’re not for gun control, then you must want school children to die. The low-information crowd eat that up and, with this administration, there’s an unlimited amount of ‘feed’ to be had.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who’s leading the push to restore an assault weapon ban, acknowledged on Sunday that the effort faces tough odds to pass Congress and she blamed the nation’s largest gun-rights group.

This time the perceived enemy is the NRA. That’s only because they can’t run against the founding fathers for writing the second amendment. They can’t openly run against the Constitution. Just like they couldn’t openly run against ‘health care.’ So they made health insurance companies the bad guy and campaigned against them. The result of the current gun control push, if successful, is likely to end up with the same disastrous results as the Affordable Care Act. Where everything it was promised to do failed.

Link: Leading Democrat: Gun control faces uphill climb

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