Obama ‘Widened The (Islamic) Gap’

The recent killing of our Ambassador called a lot in to question. Lack of security at the Embassy and at the ‘safe house’ being only one. What is it about these murdering Muslims? Why do they continue to hate us now? President Obama told us he’s got this under control. Elect him and they will like us. Hope & Change. All that.

Jean Aziz, columnist for the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, believes it’s all our fault. That “the repeated mistakes of U.S. policy in the Middle East and vis-à-vis the Islamic world could lead to another 9/11.”

The official (U.S.) response was quite telling. Their story, while admittedly ‘still gathering facts,’ was that the attack in Benghazi was ‘spontaneous.’  (see first paragraph, like shooting first and aiming later) The next part of their response was more certain. And as it turns out, a lie. They promptly ruled out that it was a terrorist attack, despite the fact that they were ‘still gathering facts.’ Right from the start, and for about a week later, the Obama administration pointed the finger away from them and to a private U.S. citizen. Why would they say that if they knew it was not true?

And during this long week, the American people see that, for whatever reason, President Obama and his administration will flat-out lie to them. How’s that for audacity?

On Sept. 11, 2012, Aziz writes . . .

“[But] behind all these myths is one solid fact underpinning the events of 9/11, and that is the crisis and the conflict between the American decision makers and the central Islamic entity – or, more precisely, the Sunni entity. Much has been written on this relationship… but no answer or solution [to this crisis and conflict] has been proposed. Moreover, the initial American response to the events only exacerbated the problem, and widened the gap between the two worlds [i.e. the U.S. and the Islamic world]…

“After years of war [in Iraq], Washington announced its defeat and sent Bush’s team to play golf for all eternity. [The U.S.] left Baghdad somewhat humiliated, nearly apologizing to the Taliban before embracing it in Doha, and beginning to prepare itself emotionally to invite Mullah ‘Omar to visit the White House on the same motorcycle on which he escaped a decade ago.

“[Then] Obama arrived with a new perception: Let’s kill bin Laden, whose hiding place has been known for some time, and later we’ll bring down some of the tyrannical regimes that we established in the Islamic world a few decades ago. We’ll [also] enable the Muslim Brotherhood to take power, then put them to the test, and wait.

“To date, Obama has skipped over the principles of democracy. He hasn’t ensured fundamental rights – jus cogens that were trampled between Dahshur – which was burned over a shirt[1] – and the smashing of gravestones in Libya.[2] He also hasn’t ensured the principle of the [free] exchange of views within the [Egyptian] regime, and has [been unconcerned] about the risk that the Muslim Brotherhood’s [version of] democracy will embody the principle of ‘one man, one vote, one time.’ He settled for the ballot box, pointing to it as proof that he [i.e. Obama himself] should be reelected…

Gotta hand it to President Obama though. Of all the country’s problems, including the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans, he is not responsible for any of them. Someone or something else always is. With an election only weeks away, he won’t be accepting responsibility for any ‘death to America’ chanting, rioting, flag burning, and Obama effigy burning all over the Islamic world.

Link: Lebanese Columnist: Obama Policy Could Lead To Another 9/11

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