Obama Has Quit On You

Vice President Joe Biden pumped up the crowd at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, testifying to his observations of President Obama. Up close and personal.

The theme seems to be another redefining of the Democrat Party. It’s ‘values.’ They have values. And Republicans don’t? The challenge today is the economy and jobs. Not ‘values.’ Since they can not talk about the shape we’re in and how they’re going to fix it, they talk about ‘values.’

With that understood, let’s look at the ‘values’ of this president. According to Joe Biden tonight . . .

You never quit on America. And you deserve a President who will never quit on you. And one more thing that our opponents are dead wrong about: America is NOT in decline.

In September 2011, President Obama had a very different feeling about America and Americans. President Obama blamed the stagnant economy on the Arab Spring, Japan’s tsunami, and rich people. Then he finally came down, to YOU. Not himself or his policies. You! Where was Joe last September?

This is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft, and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.

The ‘New’ Democratic Party

A bizarre moment at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last night. It reminded me a bit of the Star Wars bar scene. The party unwittingly showed itself for what it truly is.

Last night, the country saw over half of the party’s delegates vote against ‘God’ being mentioned and ‘Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel’ being mentioned, in the Party Platform.

If those watching from their homes could have been heard, I’d guess (but I could be wrong) that there would have been way more than 2/3rds in favor of putting those two items back into the Party Platform. Never mind that the vote was predetermined in the teleprompter and all of what that says about the significance of delegates and their votes at these (both of them) conventions.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was speechless when the vote he heard didn’t match the teleprompter. How could he say that what just happened, did not happen, and get away with it? Then his Liberal conscience took over. Screw that, back to the teleprompter and say what the President wants me to say.

Proof that Obama and his political party aren’t too keen on the most basic democratic principles. What we saw last night could easily have come out of Caracas, Venezuela. This is today’s Democratic Party.

Would like to have been a fly on the wall when the President weighed the choice between the country’s reaction upon finding out what was NOT in the platform, and the reaction of the delegates upon finding out what Obama wanted put in the platform. Another thing to ponder is whether Huma Abedin was any way involved into those items being stricken from the Party Platform? Wouldn’t surprise me. For Obama, that would be ‘Muslim outreach.’